IPIHD would bring together leading global health innovators, global companies (many of whom were members of the WEF), health systems, and funders. The IPIHD network would provide a platform to study and develop knowledge on innovation in healthcare delivery with the aim of influencing health systems, including addressing policy and regulatory barriers. 

In 2015 IPIHD re-branded itself as Innovations in Healthcare, Inc. In 2016, we aligned our research activities with the Duke Global Health Institute and found an academic home in the Duke Global Health Innovation Center.  

In our first 10 years, we have helped to develop and grow the field of health innovation globally, and have established a differentiated position in the curation and support for health innovatorsbuilding networks and connections across the innovation ecosystems, and the generation of knowledge and evidence for the scaling and adaptation of innovations in health systems. 

We do this to ensure that more people have access to quality, affordable health care. At IiH, we believe that everyone deserves to thrive. 

Reflecting on 10 Years of Impact

To mark our 10th anniversary, we hosted a series of four forums over the course of the year to bring together global leaders in health innovation to explore new ways to bring access to quality healthcare worldwide. 

Series Dates and Topics


April 28, 2021: Scaling Health Innovation: Pathways and Partnerships

A series of panels explores best practices for: sourcing promising innovations from across the globe, strengthening innovations through accelerator programs, and how innovations can best enter and thrive in new markets.


June 16, 2021: Achieving Value through Innovation in Primary Care: A Global Perspective 

Together with Vynamic, Innovations in Healthcare convened health innovators, providers, funders, and public sector officials from across the globe to evaluate the potential for achieving value through innovation in primary care. We explored new enabling technologies and how these might be combined with innovative financing and policy models to expand access and improve lives.


August 18, 2021: Digital Health and Data Science Innovation: Enabling New Models of Care Globally

Digital health and data science holds promise for significant advances in health care access, quality and affordability. Together with our knowledge partner McKinsey & Company, we gathered global leaders in health innovation to discuss how emerging digital technologies could fundamentally shift models of care and bring powerful new tools to both patients and care givers.  


October 13, 2021: Evaluating and Strengthening the Impact of Health Innovations

In our final forum in our tenth anniversary series, Innovations in Healthcare, along with leaders from across the global health community, will review the latest research on maximizing the health impact of both public and private programming.  We will review findings from evaluations of access to health programming and frameworks for tracking the impact of interventions.   

Our Journey

Our Journey