November 13, 2020

Spotlight on Pfizer Foundation’s 2016 Global Health Innovation Grantees

Innovations in Healthcare has been working with the Pfizer Foundation’s1 Global Health Innovation Grants (GHIG) program over the past year to support social innovation in healthcare delivery and technology for underserved patients worldwide. 

In the program’s inaugural year, 15 grants were awarded across three categories: primary care delivery, women and children’s health, and health technology for low resource settings. Thirteen of the 15 grantees in the pilot cohort are in the Innovations in Healthcare network.*

As a condition of these grants, the Pfizer Foundation provides funding and technical assistance for grantees to monitor and evaluate their projects. Innovations in Healthcare is serving as an advisor to this evaluation process, working with the grantees to monitor progress and assess their healthcare impacts and performance.

Five of our Innovations in Healthcare network members who are supported by a 2016 GHIG grant were recently featured in videos that highlight how this award is helping their organizations improve health for vulnerable populations.

Check out the videos!  

LifeNet International is using its GHIG award to improve clinical quality in primary care services in Uganda by supporting the training of nurses and staff at 10 community health centers.

Clínicas del Azúcar is using the GHIG award to expand its network of high quality, low cost diabetes clinics that will develop and pilot a franchise model for general physicians.

Afya Research Africa is using its GHIG award to build four additional clinics, increasing access to clinical services and essential products for underserved farming communities in Kenya.

North Star Alliance is using its GHIG award to expand service delivery in Inchope, Mozambique with a new wellness center, staff recruitment and training.

Sevamob is using its GHIG award to set up three new mobile health clinics operating in impoverished neighborhoods in two states of India and in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are grateful to the Pfizer Foundation for the chance to partner on this exciting project!

To learn more about the Pfizer Foundation’s grants and investments program visit:

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* The following GHIG grantees are part of the Innovations in Healthcare network:  

Afya Research Africa, ayzh, Clínicas del Azúcar, Jacaranda Health, LifeNet International, North Star Alliance, One Family Health, Operation ASHA, Penda Health, salaUno, Sevamob, Swasth, and World Health Partners 

[1] The Pfizer Foundation is a charitable organization established by Pfizer Inc. It is a separate legal entity from Pfizer Inc with distinct legal restrictions.