Description of Innovation

The private healthcare delivery system in Nigeria provides 60% of all healthcare services, though it is extremely fragmented; 90% of facilities are smallholder sole-proprietorships. Poor infrastructure, a shortage of trained health professionals, low management capacity, and a lack of access to finance and technology often leads to unsustainable business performance and poor patient outcomes. These challenges have severely hindered the ability of the Nigerian private sector providers to achieve scale and meaningful impact on the communities they serve, and this is reflected in the poor health indices of the country.

Founded in 2012, PurpleSource has developed a model to de-fragment and scale the capacity of the healthcare system. PurpleSource aggregates private healthcare providers and deploys finance, management, quality certification, capacity-building, and technology solutions to integrate care across practices and transform healthcare service delivery from fragmented sole proprietorships to consolidated health systems. PurpleSource provides the platform required to scale medical enterprises and optimize their clinical, financial and operational processes to deliver affordable, quality healthcare to patients and value to payers. The PurpleSource model is focused on primary healthcare, preventive services, and care management.


Providing Value to the Patient, Community, and Health System

The Impact: PurpleSource currently provides affordable quality care across six integrated facilities in mainland Lagos State, Nigeria that serve 100,000 registered individuals who make about 30,000 visits each year.