Description of Innovation

Medical practitioners and health workers serving in remote settings in Mexico lack opportunities for continuous education and training to practice in emergency settings.

PACE provides context-specific local and live simulation courses in a variety of disciplines, which take into consideration local factors in emergency treatment such as availability of medical equipment and cultural barriers. Blended courses are offered online and in practical workshops, along with a post-course telementoring. The program is beginning to integrate mHealth and telemedicine into its strategic plan. Training of providers in more remote areas allows for patients to be treated earlier in the course of their illness, when basic interventions are more effective. This increases the likelihood of survival in emergencies.

PACE has trained over 30,000 health providers per year in different knowledge and skill sets as well as 10,000 providers in emergency obstetrics courses, indirectly impacting over one million lives. For example, the State of Chiapas significantly reduced maternal mortality by 32% in the first two years of PACE training.