Description of Innovation

Founded in 2009, AccuHealth is a tele-monitoring company that offers virtual continuity of care for three main groups of patients: patients hospitalized in post-critical care, complex treatment patients, and chronic disease patients. AccuHealth provides these patients with portable technology kits that enable them to collect not only their own biometric data (including measures such as blood pressure, blood glucose, etc.), but also relevant subjective information through personalized questionnaires. AccuHealth then integrates the data gathered through these kits into a system that helps predict and avoid bad outcomes for patients.

AccuHealth’s continuity of care concept not only contributes to better patient health, but also decreases the economic burden on the overall healthcare system and helps increase workplace productivity. AccuHealth has reduced typical costs for complex patients by 60%, while maintaining a patient satisfaction level over 97%. They have monitored over 8,000 patients so far.