Meeting Market Demand

Meeting Market Demand: Establishing Product-Market Fit in LMICs


 In the field of global health innovation, market entry does not always follow a straightforward or traditional approach. Markets in low- and middle-income countries can be especially difficult to navigate, as many suffer what Matthias et al. refer to as a “a basic dysfunction: the lack of sufficient market incentive to stimulate production and distribution (Matthias et al.).” Although clear gaps in health system services or products may seem apparent to those with innovative minds, these gaps do not always translate into demand from a paying customer in the market setting. By effectively solving a real health problem, innovators can attain problem solution fit; but to ensure market viability, they must also attain product-market fit. Users and customers must be aware of the health problem, desire a solution, and feel that the innovation offers an acceptable solution at a price-point they are willing and able to meet. In this thematic brief, we aim to:

  1. Describe the challenge that innovators face in meeting market demand and the root causes that lead to this challenge
  2. Describe several strategies for meeting market demand using examples from 3 global health innovators
  3. Discuss implications for accelerators in helping innovators meet market demand