Local Distributors in Low and Middle Income Countries

Local Distributors in Low and Middle Income Countries: Bringing a Unique Customer Voice to Global Health Innovation

Program Context:

Accelerating Saving Lives at Birth (Accelerating SL@B) is an accelerator program that seeks to increase the scale, sustainability, and effectiveness of promising innovations in the Saving Lives at Birth Portfolio—with the overarching goal of improving maternal and newborn health (MNH) outcomes across the globe. Accelerating SL@B innovators strive to first identify and fill gaps left by health systems, and work to improve health outcomes that occur before and in the 48 hours after birth, the period when the majority of maternal and newborn deaths occur. The Accelerating SL@B program seeks to help these innovations reach scale through ongoing, individualized coaching and mentoring provided by a team of experts in the innovation and global health spheres. All of the support activities for Accelerating SL@B participants aim to help innovators make progress toward achieving scalability and sustainability.”