COVID Response Collaborative


The COVID Response Collaborative (CRC) was formed to collectively address the challenges facing organizations delivering health care in low-resource settings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Rather than address their challenges independently and in a fragmented fashion, the CRC will coordinate the efforts of our network of innovative healthcare delivery organizations to select, validate and refine the best integrated solutions.  As the administrator of the CRC, IIH  will serve as clearing house for proposals for projects that address practical solutions for providers in the areas of supply chain management, workforce development, and data systems.  Working with a wide network of private and public sector organizations, we will form teams and focus resources around integrated solutions and work to disseminate and scale those solutions.

Governments and global health organizations across the world are actively developing tools and solutions for addressing public health in the face of the pandemic, such as public education campaigns, national and regional isolation policies, and guidelines that citizens and communities can implement to limit the spread of the virus. While these efforts are vitally important, the CRC will be focused on validating and scaling practical solutions at the provider level and coordinating the efforts across our network of partners.

There are many ways to contribute to the CRC. You can choose to participate by providing insight on unmet needs, highlight potential solutions, act as an advisor or team member, serve as a validation site, or champion a solution and lead it through the validation process. Participation Form



Bringing together a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, public health experts, development organizations, industry, academia, foundations, and others, we intend to:

  • Identify the specific challenges facing health systems and individual organizations in low-resource settings focused on care delivery environment
  • Curate and integrate best-in-class, evidence-based solutions that have the potential to address these challenges
  • Deploy rapid-cycle validation approaches to evaluate promising solutions with partners working on the ground
  • Address fragmentation by curating and integrating the most promising solutions and addressing policy and financing levers, fostering collaboration and integration
  • Accelerate adaptation and scaling of solutions that are shown to work


Targeted Areas

The CRC has identified three areas as priorities. We will further refine topics and specific challenges as we co-develop the innovation platform with key stakeholders globally.

  • Supply chain management: How might we better source, track, and distribute essential supplies and equipment needed the fight the pandemic and provide essential care, across public and private sectors, in areas that already have supply chain challenges?
  • Workforce and workflow development: How might we more quickly and effectively train, upskill, and expand available health workers to respond to increased need?
  • Data and communications: How might we further develop integrated data systems for effective monitoring and information sharing?

The CRC will not be testing therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, or any regulated offerings under this program.


Ways to Participate

We have several ways for our network members and partners to participate.  Please indicate your interest through this form 

  • Identify areas of need

Help us determine what the needs are on the ground that aren’t being addressed by current solutions. Submit your responses here.  (Survey: ask if we can do interview)

  • Propose a Solution, Resource, or Tool

Do you know of a resource or tool that could prove effective, if validated and adapted for purpose?  Check out our solution page here. If it’s not already listed, fill out this form.

  • Champion a Solution

Does your organization have a solution that you would like to shepherd through the process, along with a team of like-minded innovators, stakeholders?  Start with a quick proposal form, here. If it fits our programmatic goals, we’ll match you with a team, and perhaps combine your solution with others for an integrated solution approach.

  • Serve as a Validation Site

Get early access to tools developed to address your needs. Submit your organization as a site for testing of proposed solutions and collection of data.

  • Serve as a Team Member or Advisor

Do you or your organization have skills or resources to contribute to the Collective?  We are looking for assistance with: project management, study design, data collection and analysis, data systems integration, health policy, workforce development and communications. 


Collaboration Process 

1.     Solicitation of Participation (April – May 2020)

Through an online form, CRC members elect how they wish to participate, propose and champion solutions.

2.     Project Selection, Integration, and Team Formation (April – May 2020)

Working with our global network of partners, IIH will select solution proposals for further refinement in each of the categories – integrating proposals into potentially comprehensive solutions for validation.  During this stage, IIH staff will match members seeking projects or with clinical validation and data gathering capabilities with projects.

3.     Project Plan Development

The newly formed teams will develop project plans with budgets and timelines for development, feasibility testing, validation, and scale-up.

4.     Coalition Development and Funding

Working with teams, IIH will help identify strategic partners and funding sources to execute on the project plan.  Project plans begin implementation.  (Some pilot funding available?)

5.     Validation

Leveraging the innovator network. Integrated solutions will be deployed and outcome data collected.

6.     Dissemination and Scaling

The CRC will widely broadcast those solutions with positive outcomes, and provide tools for implementation in various clinical care contexts.