November 13, 2020

Are you a ‘Ridiculously Awesome’ Healthcare Entrepreneur?

It’s time! Innovations in Healthcare (formerly IPIHD) is looking for the best and brightest healthcare entrepreneurs to join our elite network. We are accepting nominations and self-nominations through August 14th. What types of organizations are we looking for? It helps to look at the innovators currently in our network.

Our current network includes 55 innovators operating in 47 countries and serving over 7 million people. Spanning the full range of health care delivery – from rural and urban clinics, specialty hospitals, anti-counterfeiting devices, telemedicine technologies and safe birthing kits – our innovators have a reputation for excellence.

Nicholas Sowden, Co-Founder and managing director of Penda Health, a chain of high quality clinics in Kenya serving low income populations, said that Innovations in Healthcare is the single most useful network his organization has been a part of. “Please join,” he said. “But only if you’re a ridiculously awesome innovator.”

What makes our network so special? Our innovators currently include:

 Why Should Entrepreneurs Join?

Assuming you are a ridiculously awesome innovator or know one, why nominate? What Innovations in Healthcare offers entrepreneurs is a passport to new worlds. We connect our innovators to the people, organizations, and information they need to strengthen their organizations and scale up their innovations so that they serve more people, serve people better and ultimately help expand access to quality, affordable healthcare. These connections might involve matching up our innovators with academic resources such as the Duke Global Health Institute’s Evidence Lab or even student intern support to assist with evaluation or business planning.   It might be a targeted introduction to a corporate leader, fellow innovator or funder.  It might be a chance to pitch your business model to a group of investors at our Annual Forum.  We have strategic research partnerships to explore transferring models from one country to another and routinely find opportunities to showcase our innovators in events held throughout the world.

What Does Membership Cost?

Membership in our network is free. We were founded by Duke Medicine, the World Economic Forum and McKinsey and Company in 2011 and are financially supported by corporate sponsors and foundations.  Innovators are at the heart of our mission to increase access to quality, affordable health care around the world and we believe that by supporting our innovators, we are helping to strengthen health delivery everywhere. More information about what it means to be in our network and how to apply can be found here.  Please e-mail Anne Katharine Wales at with any questions.  To get straight to nominating your organization or an organization you think we should consider, please go here.

The Few, The Proud, The Innovators

Not to belabor the point about awesomeness, but we are quite selective. We are looking for organizations with proven solutions that are willing and ready to grow. We expect this year to select about ten of the very best organizations we find.  I hope, dear reader, that one of those ten is you!