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 ThinkMD provider in Bangladesh

At the heart of Innovations in Healthcare is our network of 90+ innovators from around the world working to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare. Every year, we identify and recruit entrepreneurs who have promising models of healthcare across the globe. Through a highly competitive process, we then select the best organizations to join our network of innovators. We help connect these innovators with opportunities, information, and contacts they need to scale up their work.

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2020 Cohort RFA

The search is on for our 2020 cohort of innovators! Every year, we source a selection of innovators in the healthcare product, service, and technology space to join our network. These innovators have the opportunity to work with us for a year and beyond to gain connections, education, mentorship, marketing assistance, and partnership opportunities. This year, IiH is seeking two distinct types of innovative businesses for its 2020 cohort. 

Mental Health

Historically, the role of mental health as an integral and essential component of global health was underappreciated, as efforts focused on infectious diseases, and more recently on non-communicable diseases affecting physical health.  Recent studies are making the case for more attention to be paid to this issue. People with severe mental illness die up to 20 years younger, have higher unemployment, and are poorer than the rest of the population.  This under-addressed source of morbidity has a cost. Direct and indirect costs of mental ill-health are estimated to amount over 4% of GDP, more than that of cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease combined.

We are seeking organizations with solutions that make a significant improvement to the quality, access or clinical outcomes in the area of mental health.  For example, evidence-based innovations aimed at the promotion of mental health  or the prevention and treatment of mental, neurological  and substance  use  disorders. IiH is interested in more than innovative products; we seek innovator's solutions that create value through the application of a novel technology, financing approach, or care delivery model.  

Digital Health

The implementation of established and emerging digital technologies has enormous potential.  The integration of mobile technology, smart sensors, machine learning, among many other new digital tools will enable novel approaches to the way care is delivered.  Early disease prediction will lead to behavioral changes that prevent and eliminate system costs. More accurate and timelier identification of diseases will enhance treatment and lower total costs of care. Telemedicine and remote monitoring, coupled with new and lower-cost care settings such as home care will improve patients’ health and ensure use of the most efficient level of care.

IiH is seeking organizations that are creating value in the healthcare space through a differentiated business model that leverages digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning.  As with mental health, our focus is on the value created, not on the technology itself.


Evaluation Criteria

Successful applicants should have the following characteristics:

Targeted and Effective Solution

The innovation should address a critical mental health or digital health need in a specific target population that provides a significant improvement in health outcomes, cost, quality, and/or access to the organization's health services and products.

Organizational Maturity

The organization should have been in operation for three or more years and have a product or service available and in use.

Validated Impact       

The organization should have data to validate its innovation in the target market.

Scalable Business Model

The organization should have a clear, financially sustainable business model that supports the organization's desire for scale beyond the organization's current implementation site. 

Financial Sustainability

Preference will be given to organizations that have generated annual revenue or grant/donor funding that has met or exceeded its operating costs for the past two years.


Benefits of Cohort Membership

We offer programming to support the development and growth of innovative health organizations, including: business support, networking and learning opportunities, and access to financing. This includes one-on-one mentorship with an experienced engagement manager as well as access to our extensive network of partners and supporters.

We help scale your innovation by supporting the planning, piloting, and evaluation of its adoption in new settings.

We facilitate the development and dissemination of focused insights and new evidence about global innovation and offer smart and practical strategies and ideas.

A peer network and community of practice to share lessons learned, expand network connections and develop new insights.




Applications for the 2020 IiH Innovator Cohort will be accepted online through 11:59 pm EST on November 24th, 2019. An informational webinar was held 9:30am EST on November 18th (recording and slides). IiH will select candidates for phone interviews between the third week of December and the second week of January.  Winners will be notified by the third week of January.

 Questions?  Contact Melissa Slogan or Judd Staples